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Support us

Help us promote free knowledge by improving Wikimedia projects, distributing the offline version of Wikipedia and using Wikimedia projects properly.

Improving Wikimedia projects

Wikimedia projects include Wikipedia which is a free encyclopedia. As of April 2021, Wikipedia is available in 321 language editions. Included in these editions are the Ilokano Wikipedia, Kapampangan Wikipedia, Pangasinan Wikipedia, Tagalog Wikipedia, Bikol Sentral Wikipedia, Cebuano Wikipedia, Waray Wikipedia and Chavacano de Zamboanga Wikipedia.

Other Wikimedia projects include:

  • Wikimedia Commons, a repository of images, sounds and videos that are freely available
  • Wikidata, a free knowledge base with data items that anyone can use and edit
  • Wikivoyage, a free travel guide that anyone can use and edit

This lists the complete sister projects.

Support us by improving Wikimedia projects through personally enhancing content and or organizing activities such as forum, learning session or edit-a-thon to enrich Wikipedia and its sister projects content.

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Enhancing contents of Wikimedia projects

Contents of Wikimedia projects can be enhanced by adding information from reliable, independent and verifiable sources, adding media to better illustrate the content, copyrighting to make content more cohesive and other such edits to make the content more comprehensible to most of its users.

Distributing offline Wikipedia

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Using Wikimedia projects properly

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