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Hablon User Group of Wikimedians in the Philippines

A community of Filipino Wikimedians based in Manila and Tacloban City in the Philippines who are dedicated to promote free knowledge by improving Wikimedia projects through various activities such as, but not limited to, fora, learning sessions and edit-a-thons.

A user group is defined as a group of individuals who have the same interests and use a particular product or service, thus, we are a group of individuals who promote free knowledge through Wikipedia and its sister projects. Hablon is a Bisaya word which means either "weaver" or "something woven". Filipinos, especially indigenous Filipinos, are weavers. As Filipino weavers use fibers and threads to illustrate the culture of the Philippines in their textiles, Hablon User Group or HUG for short strives to interlace small bits of information to form knowledge and to make these knowledge accessible to everyone through Wikimedia projects.